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Telephone Service for only $21 

All taxes and fees included and free long distance*


Utilizing the same fast and reliable fiber optic cable your Internet uses, Salem Fiber offers a residential landline phone service for your house. You can keep your landline phone, gain features, and enjoy free long distance* all while paying less for your monthly service.


A landline phone can have several advantages. You can lessen your reliance

on your cell phone, provide communications when cell service is out and limit

the minutes needed for your cellular plan. We all know cellular service can be

hit and miss and when you really need your phone service to work a landline

will make the call. Maybe you just want to keep your phone number for

your household, that number is connected to your family and well known to

all your friends and family. With Salem Fiber Phone Service you keep your

phone and your phone number while adding the fiber advantages.  All for a

lower monthly price.


Installation of the phone service is free after you have the incredible fiber optic high speed Internet from Salem Fiber. So free installation, no required contract, fiber optic call clarity, free caller ID, free call forwarding, free remote forwarding via the web, free advanced voice mail including email notification and free 3-way calling. 


Rates including all taxes and fees are under $21 / month. Compare that to the other providers who show an inexpensive line fee and once you add all the fees and taxes you are paying nearly $35 / month and they will still charge you for long distance!  We want to save you money and provide an unbeatable fiber optic telephone service to everyone in Salem.

*Residential long distance allows up to 10,000 minutes a month. Over 10,000 minutes of long distance in a month will require moving to a business class telephone service. Free long distance minutes only apply for the 48 contiguous states, Alaska and Hawaii are billed at the listed rates.

Long Distance Rates




Directory Assistance and Operator Assist calls are billed at $1 per call

For international long distance rates, click here

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