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2, 4 or the incredible 10 Gbps

I must caution you, these super fast Internet tiers are not for the faint of heart. They require specialized hardware that can perform at these amazing speeds. It isn't enough to just order one of the higher tiers of service, you must make sure you have a home network that can handle the speed. 

You may want one of these upper tiers if you have multiple computers in your household that need a wired 1 Gbps speed.  With these speeds, bandwidth usage of one computer won't affect the others.  You would need a router with a 10 Gbps Internet port and several 1 Gbps ports, enough for each computer.

Additionally, if you have a computer that needs over 1 Gbps access, combine this service with a 10 Gbps router that has higher speed LAN ports. Of course, your computer will need a matching high speed LAN card and your cabling may need to be upgraded. 

You don't need any of these tiers of service if you just intend to use the Internet wirelessly. Stick with the 100 Mbps or the fast 1 Gbps tier of service. These upper tiers are for home networks that are directly connected to a fast, capable router. 

We deliver the service to your house but it is your responsibility to have the network to use it. I can't install a home 10 Gbps network for you. The router you have today probably won't work but maybe you can surprise me. Likely, you will need a new router and it won't be cheap. You aren't running to Walmart and buying a router for these speeds. Check out our router suggestions webpage for an ideas of what you will need.


Remember that your speeds may vary with these upper speed tiers. The usable speed of your computers will be affected by every computer network you traverse across the Internet. We don't have control of any speeds outside our network and we can't fix issues beyond our scope.

One other note: you can't share your Internet with your neighbors, that's not the way it works. It is a theft of service to pitch in with your neighbors and buy Internet and share it. Honestly, if you think about it you will realize it can't work that way, it would put us out of business and it isn't fair. If we catch you doing it we will prosecute to the full extent of the law. I mention this here because these super fast upper tiers seem like the perfect solution for Internet sharing but please don't do it. Every household needs to purchase their own connection to the Salem Fiber Network for us to make it work. 

These speeds are offered to households only. It isn't offered to businesses yet. A business has a different data use pattern than a home and we do our engineering based on home usage. If you are running a large call center from your home or you have employees showing up to work on computers at your house then you can only get the business tiers of service.

All that being said, don't be afraid of the speed of these tiers. You must be prepared to take advantage of them but they are truly world class. 

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