Fiber Starter

This tier is a good place to start. If you have never had a fiber optic connection to the Internet, well even if you have, the Salem Fiber network will change your expectations. The active ethernet system delivers unparalleled bandwidth that meets the most demanding requirements. 100 Mbps of fiber Internet isn't like a modem or wireless service. It performs so much better that until you have tried it you can't imagine how much better it is going to be. 

If you are going to use wireless connections for your Internet service this is likely the best tier for you. Wireless access has built in limitations that makes speeds faster than 100 Mbps, although possible, difficult and requires a quality wireless network design.

The upgrade from this tier to the 1 Gbps tier is only a phone call away. We can upgrade your connection from our office and you will instantly have 10 times the speed. Eventually, our website will allow you to upgrade or downgrade your service after you securely login to your service portal but for now just give us a call.

There isn't any disadvantage to starting with this level of service. The upgrade to 1 Gbps is free and easy and although the installation is slightly different for tiers of service above 1 Gbps, we never charge for the upgrade or downgrade.

Even with our Starter tier of service you need to make sure you have a router capable of delivering 100 Mbps speed. Old or outdated routers are the chief cause of slow Internet in a fiber connected home.  Your old router may not be ready for these kinds of speeds so check with your routers manufacturer and always, as a minimum, make sure you have installed the latest firmware. If your router is not performing properly you will need to consider replacing the router or at least turning off any traffic grooming or prioritizing.