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Current Update (04-05-2023)

You can view a map where service is available here: 

The service is available in the green areas of the map.

We currently have 1000 customers! Thanks to all our great customers!

Salem Fiber phone numbers: 

385-437-4411 for information

385-437-HELP (4357) for customer support

We are actively connecting customers in most of the Olsen node! Some of the underground areas will need to wait until spring.

Skyhawk Knoll is growing and we love the customers!

Parts of the SE Center area are open and we are actively connecting customers. If you would like to be connected to the fastest, most reliable fiber network in Utah please submit the signup form.  (For online sign up)

Mt. Loafer North and South are connecting customers and The NW Pond area is open for all customers!. Most of the NE Center node is active and connecting customers. The new Carson Ridge subdivision is active and connecting customers.

If you live in an active area you can go to the "Sign Up" page and get connected.  (For online sign up)

We are trying to get our fiber across the new Selman Ridge subdivision to feed all the customers in South Strawberry and Selman Ridge nodes. You can see the progress and where we are working on the node map: 

Olsen Node

SE Center Active Area.jpg

SE Center Node

NW Pond Node

NE Center Active New.JPG

NE Center


Carson Ridge Area


  1. Complete the design and install fiber for the Olsen node overhead and existing underground.

  2. Get fiber into the South Strawberry and Selman Ridge nodes

  3. Complete conduit install in South Pond underground

  4. Complete conduit install in NE Center underground


We are working hard everyday to complete this hugely important project for Salem. It may seem an overwhelming task but we have experience building these services and we are confident in the network and what it will be capable of providing to the residents of Salem. Thank you all for your enthusiasm!

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