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Fiber Fast and Reliable

Plans & Pricing

Fiber Fast Gigabit Speed

Fiber Starter

State of the Art Fiber Technology

Become a charter member

and get FREE installation!

When you have a need for speed!

Fiber Fast

Double It Up

$60 / month

250 Mbps of pure fast Internet

$75 / month

$100 / month

1 Gigabit Down / 1 Gigabit UP

4X the speed for $15 more a month

Unmatched Speed

and Reliability

2 Gigabit Down / 2 Gigabit UP

State of the Art Fiber Technology

Upgradable to Blazing Fast

10 Gigabits

Best Value

Double Double

4 Gigabit of crazy fast Internet

4 Gigabit Down/4 Gigabit Up

$150 / month

Now this is FAST!

4 times faster than 1 gigabit speed

$300 / month

When it just has to be the FASTEST

Yes, REALLY! 10 Gigabits/Second!

It doesn't get any better than this!

10,000 Megabits / second!!!

Ridiculously Fast

10 Gigabit Down/10 Gigabit Up

Managed WIFI

$15 / month

Let us install and maintain your household WIFI

 Add to any tier of Internet service

Professional installation is free

No worries! If anything fails we replace it

Local support and service

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