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Fiber Fast

With 1 gbps (1000 mbps!) high speed Internet you will experience speeds and bandwidth that can only be delivered with a fiber optic cable. Salem Fiber goes even further by dedicating a fiber just for your house so you don't share bandwidth with your neighbors. True gig speed transforms how you can use the Internet: Work, School, Entertainment, Shopping, Gaming, Home Security and monitoring are all possible across the Internet and it creates a very effective way to live from home.

This tier of service works best if you are going to have multiple wireless routers, directly connected computers or televisions or a combination of both.  With a gigabit service you can easily run multiple streams of 4K content streaming to televisions, tablets, phones or computers without bandwidth caused buffering. This is the connection of the 21st century. A connection that touches so many parts of your life at home and makes it all work.

If you are working from home you don't want your family's video streaming or gaming affecting your live meeting broadcasts. The gigabit era will accommodate everything you need to do to work and live from home and with Salem Fiber you can grow to even new heights with speed tiers even higher than 1 Gbps. 

If you are relying on video conferencing for work or personal communication, offsite data backup, monitored security system you can be sure you won't run out of bandwidth. Live broadcasts are bandwidth sensitive and having enough bandwidth is the difference between success or failure using broadcast technology. 

With this tier of service you need to make sure you have a router capable of delivering gigabit speed. Old or outdated routers are the chief cause of slow Internet to a gigabit connected home.  Your old router may not be ready for these kinds of speeds. Check with your routers manufacturer and always, as a minimum, make sure you have installed the latest firmware. If your router is not performing properly you will need to consider replacing the router or at least turning off any traffic grooming or prioritizing. 

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