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Rules of Use

By signing up and using the Salem Fiber services you are agreeing to the following rules. Breaking the rules can result in being disconnected from our services. The rules may change, so check back if you have concerns.

1) Don’t do anything illegal on the system. We will not be legally responsible if you do and we will work with law enforcement where legally required to do so.

2Don’t harass others using the system. This includes bullying, sending SPAM (Unsolicited email), cyber stalking, and other things that are just mean. Can’t we all just get along?

3Don’t use our system to hack or attempt to hack servers, computers or anything really. No matter what you have heard about “white hat” hacking, there is no such thing. We will fully prosecute any attempts to hack our system and services and we will disconnect you from our services if you hack or attempt to hack others.

4Don’t cheat and share our service. For this amazing system to work everyone needs to pay for the service. You can’t share the service with your neighbor or friends. It is theft of service and we will prosecute and disconnect you from our system. Each household must pay separately. If you charge rent to someone living in your house, they must pay for a separate service connection.  If your mother-in-law lives in your house and you don’t charge her rent she is fine to use your service. If you rent out your basement, the renters or you should be paying for a separate connection. Please don’t cheat.

5We can’t guarantee there won’t be outages. Outages happen. Sometimes they are beyond our control and sometimes things just go sideways. We promise to work diligently to correct any problems and restore service.

6We don’t make any promises of what our system can do for you. Simply put, the internet is amazing but we can’t guarantee it will do anything, we just connect you to it.

7We aren’t responsible for anything that happens across the Internet. If you are hacked, you get a virus, you are bullied, and everything else that can happen on the Internet is not our fault or responsibility. If you expect us to protect you from the mean, bad Internet world then please don’t connect to our service. We can’t and won’t and neither can anyone else.

8We can deny service to anyone for any reason. You can always appeal to your city council because they have the ultimate say about Salem Fiber but we are not legally required to connect or maintain a connection to anyone.

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