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Pick Your Router

Choosing an appropriate router for the speed you want is very important. Salem Fiber hands off this amazingly fast Internet service but you will need a router that can provide the speed you need, whether they are wireless or wired, to all the devices in your home. You may already have a router and it might be adequate for what you need but there are still several considerations. This page will walk your through the basics of how to improve the performance of your current router or choose a new router that more closely matches the level of service you want to achieve. 

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New life for your old router

There are a few steps you can take to improve the performance of your existing router:

1. Make sure you have updated your router to its latest firmware. This may seem unimportant but it has to be the first step.

2. Make sure the firewall of the router is enabled.  This won't increase your speed but for your Internet safety it is important.

3. Turn off QOS. Each router is slightly different but QOS (Quality of Service) isn't necessary at fiber speeds and can slow your performance because the small microprocessor your router uses can't keep up with fiber speeds.

4. Keep It Simple. You don't want to use too many advanced features of your router when you have fiber speed. Small home routers just struggle to keep up with the speeds we provide.

5. Review the WIFI guide and your router's capability. Evaluating your routers capability will expose the speed limits that can't be overcome.

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Recommended Router Types

For the 'Fiber Starter" tier you can use: WIFI 1-6  with at least a WIFI 5 router recommended.

The "Fiber Fast' tier should have at least a WIFI 5 and WIFI 6 is recommended. 

The 2,4 and 10 gbps tiers need at least WIFI 6 and the router MUST have a 10 gbps port to even use one of these ultra fast tiers.  Scroll down to the next section for more information.


 2,4 and 10 gbps 

These tiers of service require a 10 gbps port on your router. Even if you are just going to the 2 gbps level of service, your router will still need a 10 gbps port. The 2 gbps service is rate limited at the switch but the fiber connection is 10 gbps. This allows us to upgrade your service without changing hardware and it helps limit inventory requirements.  There are several routers that offer 10 gbps port(s) for home use that can be used. For the best performance you should hard-wire your computer into the 10 gbps router but an additional WIFI 6E or WIFI 6 router for wireless devices an be used in conjunction.

Working on a Computer
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