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Pick Your SPEED

With Salem Fiber you have choices! Lots of choices, but how do you know how much speed you need? This page will give you important information about how to choose your Internet speed tier. The most important thing about choosing a tier is understanding that fiber Internet speed isn't like anything you have had before. Maybe you've had a modem touting speeds over 100 mbps but if you have done speed tests you know those are just theoretical speeds and not what you actually get to use. With a separate fiber to your house, you will see a remarkable improvement that can offer speeds at the advertised rate even during the busiest times.

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Fiber Starter

The Fiber Starter tier is where you should likely start. This is a full fiber solution with a separate fiber ran to your house just like all the other tiers. It offers 250 Megabits per second and can support multiple people streaming HD video while others surf the web with their phone, tablet or computer. It will support gamers and offers low lag times. It is easy to start with the Fiber Starter and with a simple phone call, upgrade to the fiber fast tier (1 Gigabit per second).


Fiber Fast

Now we are talking! This tier offers a full 1 Gigabit per second downstream and upstream. It is an easy upgrade from the Starter Tier and allows you to really take advantage of having that fiber to your house. To really take advantage of the speed you need to have devices directly connected to your router and your router must be fast and have the latest firmware upgrades. If you are going to have multiple wireless routers, multiple gamers, lots of HD streaming, large data file uploads or downloads this may be your tier!


Double It Up

With speeds at 2 Gigabits per second, this is where Salem Fiber starts to be world class! So many fiber-to-the-home systems stop at 1 Gbps and even that service is shared! Salem Fiber is offering a dedicated fiber to your house that can truly supply 2 Gbps and even faster! We knew if we were going to build a system we needed to build one that will last into the future and these upper tiers do exactly that. I would rarely advise someone to start with this speed tier but if you find you need it, we want it to be available. 


Double Double

Now we are talking just crazy fast! The rest of Utah dreams of this kind of speed. Salem Fiber runs a separate fiber to your house and can really offer speeds of 4 Gbps up and down. Why do you need this much speed? You probably don't but their are a few households in Salem that need and want these types of speeds. They are willing to pay for it both in the type of routers they operate and the computers that connect to those state-of-the-art routers. Most computers can't take advantage of this type of speed yet so you have to be determined to get 4 Gbps speed before it will help you. 


Ridiculously Fast

Now we might be getting beyond the real world! With a full 10 Gigabits per second you know you have the fastest Internet available but I don't know what you are going to do with that much speed. You must have a router to support it, computers that can handle it, and a mind that can comprehend it! This is what dreams are made of for us computer geeks. Sure you could use it if you had a several hundred node network but remember this is a residential service! Just one household has to be ready for incredible speed.

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