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If you are ready to start saving money on cable TV consider these streaming options

With a fast and reliable fiber Internet connection you can start saving money on your television bill.  Why continue to pay for cable service when it just continues to go up every year. After you have fast and reliable fiber Internet, try these streaming options and start saving money.


Choices in TV channels

We have all wanted more choice in our cable tv channels. Some don't want sports while others want more sports. Some want lots of news channels while others hate TV news. With streaming you get more choices. You aren't limited by a single companies offers, you can choose one or more streaming services to custom build the TV you want.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV offers excellent live TV streaming. If you need lots of the channels you are used to having with cable TV this might be the answer for you and still save money! YouTube TV has more top channels than any competitor at this price and it's still the only one with local PBS stations. The basic service also has one of the best cloud DVR service, including unlimited storage and a generous nine months to watch recordings (most rivals offer 30 days). YouTube TV is simple: one package, one price, done.

Sling TV

Sling TV is a great value. Its channel lineup isn't as robust as some of the other choices but they work hard to keep the price low. If you can put up with their channel choice you can really save a lot of money over traditional cable TV service or the more complete streaming services. Their "Blue" level of service offers three simultaneous streams and still has a competitive price

Hulu Plus TV

Hulu Plus Live TV has a nice selection of channels. Maybe it doesn't have everything you are used to watching but it is pretty good. It does offer more On-Demand stream than the other streaming solutions. It may be possible to forego Netflix completely and just use Hulu TV and their On-Demand content.

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